What We Do

What do we do?                      Why do we do it?                      How do we do it?

We have two main goals for our clients:

1) Figure out what type of stress you are dealing with:  We use Stress Response Analysis to identify chemical, emotional, and physical etc. stressors that are keeping you from optimal health.

2) Increase your ability to deal with stress and eliminate as much stress from your life as possible: We use Whole Food Clinical Nutrition to meet the body’s increased and very specific nutritional needs to function well under stress including the body’s ability to restore an ideal pH, balance hormones, detoxify the body, mount an optimal immune response to fight infection, create energy, repair tissue damage, and handle emotional stress in an appropriate manner.  We use Biological Detoxification to reduce and eliminate the stress from the burden of toxins that the body has accumulated over time from environmental, dietary, medical and internal toxic metabolic byproducts.  We use Neuro-Emotional Balancing to help the nervous system properly respond to the emotional stressors of life. Under certain conditions emotional events can cause your nervous system to develop abnormal physical responses (headache, back pain, indigestion, heart disease, etc.) and behaviors (panic attacks, OCD, post traumatic stress disorder, etc.) that “block” the body’s ability to heal and optimally function.

We use low-force chiropractic adjustments to restore normal movement to the spine and other joints in the body.  When a bone cannot move normally or is out of its proper alignment, it causes stress to the nervous system and results in various lowered states of health. 

We use Mudpack Therapy to detoxify local traumas (hard blow to the head, tail bone injury, broken arm, scars, etc.) which have become interference fields.  Interference fields cause stress to the nervous system and over time effect the function of an organ system and lower overall health.

We provide various educational resources to help you navigate through all the confusing and misleading garbage information thrown at you from every possible direction 24/7. You will have the information you need to defend your mind and body from health destroying lies and to apply sound, health building principles to your life.

Your body will do the rest.