Patient Testimonials



I was born in August of 1963 and since then I’ve had asthma. I was told it was a gift from my grandmother because she had asthma. As a child my parents spent many a night at Children’s Memorial Hospital with the many attacks. Growing up it was hard to play outside, participate in sports, and even just be a normal kid. It was so hopeless to think that I had to live with this for the rest of my life. My inhaler was part of my life as well. I had to make sure that I had it with me at all times. I even remember going to the doctor as a child to get tested to see exactly what triggered my asthma (the list was endless). I had just about given up.

As an adult I met Dr. Andreano at the church we were both members at. I went to see him for some adjustments and during the initial visit, I told him of my asthma. I didn’t deal with it right away but, eventually, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Dr. Mike was amazing! His desire was to get my asthma under control without the use of steroid inhalers – which I graduated to as an adult. I knew I was in safe hands with Dr. Mike and trusted him. After several visits and following his instructions, my asthma is under control. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to visit friends that have cats, dogs, and other pets and be able to breathe. I used to get asthma even when I sneezed hard; not any more. Dr. Mike has been able to do what no other doctor could do without prescribing dangerous drugs. Thank you Dr. Mike, for giving be a normal life after suffering for so many years.

-Angel L. Vega 


Breach Baby

Dr. Mike,

Just wanted to say thanks… My little breech baby is no longer a breech thanks to you! The “Webster” Technique that you used definitely worked, and Murray and I are thrilled… They just confirmed it by ultrasound at my appointment this morning. Thank you for doing your thing… you are a blessing!

-Dianna Lyons


Breast Cancer

How long have you been coming to THHC: About 10 years

Reasons for coming to THHC: To get more healthy.

Your good news about THHC: In Dec. 2007 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I went through surgery, had chemo, tomoxathir, and softer kind of chemo. I also had 33 radiation treatments. At the same time I was taking supplements from Dr. Mike Andreano. I had very few side effects compared to others. Today I am free and I feel great! Thank you Dr. Mike!

-Ruth Babka


Congestive Heart Failure

How long have you been coming to THHC: 4 years

Reasons for coming to THHC: Congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, lower back problems.

What you liked about THHC: I came to see Dr. Mike after being released from the hospital with a terrible diagnosis. Five months after Dr. Mike began treating me I was technically out of heart failure. The cardiologist was amazed at the recovery. The internist was surprised at the improvement of all the other organs. But neither will acknowledge Dr. Mikes treatment. Thanks to Dr. Mike I live a normal life without the problems other people with heart failure have. I will continue to see Dr. Mike and recommend him to others.

Chuck Malchiodi


Crohn’s Disease

Dear Dr. Andreano

I wanted to thank you for your treatment; it has changed my life. As I remember, I arrived at your clinic diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome in 1999. I was only 24 years old. It’s been and uphill battle since then. I had a colon resection almost 5 years ago and suffered from spasms in my abdomen (labor pain) every time I ate. I would take pain medications and then sleep for 4-5 hours. Sometimes the pain medications would not work, and I was in and out of the hospital on a monthly basis to try to control the pain with Morphine or Demerol.

As you can imagine, my health was affecting my mood and mind. I was sick of being sick, and did not see my health improving any time soon. As a result, time was taken away from my family and friends. I was unable to commit to church functions, help with my children’s field trips, attend friends’ weddings, or even plan family vacations. Due to all the medications I was taking, my health continued to deteriorate. My organs (liver, gall bladder) were being affected. I was at the point where I felt like Job.

I arrived at your clinic and started the plan you selected for me. Even though I did not see immediate results, I kept doing it, step by step. About 2-3 months after the start of the plan my spasms started going away. I can now sat that I am pain free! I have been enjoying life with my family and friends regularly. I believe that God used you to heal me, and for that I thank you!!!

-Mary Calderon


Depression, Digestion, Thyroid

What was your reason for coming to see Dr. Mike? To help me get over withdrawal symptoms after stopping anti-depressant medication for 18 years. Dr. Mike also found that I had a thyroid problem I was unaware of and an intestinal problem.Brief description of treatment received: Dr Mike helped me to detox from the negative effects of the anti-depressant medication and is helping me to get my thyroid under control.   

What improvements have you experienced? I don’t have dizzy spells. I am aware of how food affects my mood and my health and I don’t have as much pain in my joints as I used to have.What advice/encouragement would you have for someone just beginning with Dr. Mike? Be confident that you are in the best hands. Dr Mike knows what he is doing. I have finally found a doctor who really cares about me and my health. He has taught me how to take better care of myself.

-Lidia Tirado


Fatigue and Joint Pain

Reason for coming to see Dr. Mike: I felt tired all the time, my mind was not clear and my ankles and knees were sore.

Brief Descriptions of treatment received: I received weekly treatments and then monthly treatments for 6 months.

What improvements have you experienced: I finally have energy to get through the day, not tired anymore. I’m 56 years old and my mind feels as clear as when I was 20. My knees and ankles are fine.

What advice/encouragement would you have for someone just beginning with Dr. Mike: Try Dr. Mike. The treatments really work. You’ll feel GREAT!

-Chuck Morton


Lower Back Pain

How long have you been coming to THHC: 8 years

Reasons for coming to THHC: Small pain in lower back. I wanted to “nip it in the bud” so I came for treatment right away.

Your good news about THHC: Not only was my back better, but my feet no longer hurt. I have plantar fasciitis, had surgery on both feet, but still had pain. The specialist said to wear orthotics and come in for cortisone injections weekly. That’s crazy! I decided to live with the pain. I never expected I would come to Dr. Mike for one thing and have something else corrected too. I now come every 6 weeks for maintenance. He keeps me healthy like no one has ever been able to do. My 9 year old also enjoys coming for adjustments.

-Mari Carmona



Dear Mike Andreano D.C.

I want to thank you for helping me to improve my health greatly. You made a big difference for me because I came to see you. It’s so amazing that you knew the problems I was having. I’m feeling 90% better than since I started coming to you. I thank God that he led me to you. I will never suggest to go to any other doctor than you. You give me so much confidence in believing in you and the supplements that you give me. It says in Psalms 138:3, In the day that I called you, you answered me. You encouraged me with strength in my soul. I know that in your will and power you will do the best to make me feel great and for any person who seeks for health.

-Irene Jimenez


Shoulder Pain and Thyroid Disorder

How long have you been coming to THHC: 4 years

Reasons for coming to THHC: My husband started seeing Dr. Mike for shoulder pain when doctors could not figure out the cause. Dr. Mike adjusted his shoulder and after 3 visits the pain was gone. My husband had struggled for a whole year with that pain. After that our whole family gets treated here.

Your good news about THHC: In 2005 my oldest son Eddie Jr. was diagnosed with thyroid issues. The specialists told us that Eddie would remain on medication for the rest of his life. We brought him to Dr. Mike and he started supplements for thyroid function. After one year of treatment our son’s thyroid function was normal. We had the specialist ask us “Why and how?” We can only say that Almighty God used our brother in Christ -Mike Andreano- for the complete healing of our son.

-Julie Vasquez


Swollen Lymph Node

I recommend Trinity Holistic to anyone for all health concerns they may have. They are really amazing! I had an unknown, undiagnosed swollen lymph node problem in my neck which then migrated to other lymphs in my body. As a young woman, only 30 years old, it took the energy and life out of me as well as become a grave concern for my future. I visited regular doctors and specialists in the medical industry. They took about 20 blood tests and all of my results continued to come back negative with “normal levels” and “no explanation” from any specialist doctors. My neck was swollen, tender, and sore and I was unable to live a normal life or care for my 2 young children. I would have bouts of terrible sickness. None of the doctors in the regular medical industry could provide ANY answers. They flat out told me they “didn’t know” what was wrong with me.

I then received a referral to Trinity Holistic to visit Dr. Mike for a Quantum Reflex Analysis. At first I was wondering how this would work, but Kathleen, my sideline coach and cheerleader, had offered me the safety of talking it out with her and she continued to motivate me to “have faith” about my recovery.

Week after week, I would recover little by little. Dr. Mike was able to identify the weak systems in my body and STRENGTHEN them over time with pure, whole-source supplements.. not using damaging synthetic pharmaceuticals. My health continued to improve as I continued to check up with him month after month. I watched and felt my immune system fighting… gaining strength, then the illness would try to surface again, but my immune system would come back strong over and over and over. If I didn’t have those supplements building those immunities I would have crashed and burned. Dr. Mike tailored my treatment perfectly until BOOM, one day it was like I noticed complete recovery! Thank you Jesus! Because of this center and faith in the Lord I am now feeling like I was before I became ill.

Over a period of 6 months, the lymph nodes are no longer swollen, my energy is back, my immune system is strong, the pains I had and the severe and unexplained systems in my body were treated the CORRECT way using real analysis that works WITH our bodies not against our bodies. I can make plans now, I’m not lying on the couch every weekend sick. I can play with my kids, keep up with them and stay healthy which is very important to a mother of 2.

I would recommend Trinity Holistic for ANYONE who is experiencing pain, symptoms, major and minor health concerns and especially for those who are “Looking for a medical breakthrough but not getting it through the regular medical industry”. Colds, coughs, asthma, blood pressure, digestive issues, disease, you name it! I believe in Trinity Holistic 100%!

-Angela M.


Thyroid Disorder

What was your reason for coming to see Dr. Mike? I was very ill for 3 years and had many tests done by other medical doctors. They could not find the cause of my illness and I was referred to Dr. Mike by my friend.

Brief description of treatment received: Thyroid, swollen ligaments, spinal cord alignments, and sinuses.

What improvements have you experienced: Many! Dr Mike was able to detect and treat my illnesses within my first visit. I’m able to function properly and work again.

What advice/encouragement would you have for someone who is just beginning with Dr. Mike? Just try it for yourself.

-Raquel Castillo


Vertigo and Neck Pain

How long have you been coming to THHC: 10 years

Reasons for coming to THHC: For treatments and a healthier life

Your good news about THHC: My wife and I have been impressed by Dr. Mike’s diagnostic accuracy about what is going on in our bodies when we are not feeling well and come to see him. Also he does not just treat the symptoms; he treats the ailments. Dr. Mike treated my vertigo problem and lately my neck problem. He was able to treat me in only one visit which my physical therapy has not been able to do in 3 months. Dr. Mike also helps us to take the right medications. Some of the medications prescribed by our medical doctor were not helping my wife but Dr. Mike was able to advise her of the right one. Dr. Mike cares about his patients and he has integrity and we trust him.

-Felino Miran



Dr. Mike and his staff are so good and so dedicated to me. I first came to Dr Mike to see if he could help me with an allergy issue. He diagnosed and resolved the issue quickly. That was 3 years ago. Since that time I have been back and back again. I drive a bus for the CTA and have had back issues (common to bus/truck drivers). Again Dr Mike diagnosed the root of the problem and I believe that he is helping me to keep a step ahead of a major back issue.

Beyond that, Dr Mike and Kathleen really care; I sense this from the questions asked. They always remember parts of conversations from previous visits no matter how small and if it were two weeks ago. This speaks volumes to me. In a busy world, it’s nice to be treated like a human being and that I am valued beyond my wallet.

-Julian Aguirre