Depression, Digestion, Thyroid

What was your reason for coming to see Dr. Mike? To help me get over withdrawal symptoms after stopping anti-depressant medication for 18 years. Dr. Mike also found that I had a thyroid problem I was unaware of and an intestinal problem.

Brief description of treatment received: Dr Mike helped me to detox from the negative effects of the anti-depressant medication and is helping me to get my thyroid under control.   

What improvements have you experienced? I don’t have dizzy spells. I am aware of how food affects my mood and my health and I don’t have as much pain in my joints as I used to have.

What advice/encouragement would you have for someone just beginning with Dr. Mike? Be confident that you are in the best hands. Dr Mike knows what he is doing. I have finally found a doctor who really cares about me and my health. He has taught me how to take better care of myself.

-Lidia Tirado