Shoulder Pain and Thyroid Disorder

How long have you been coming to THHC: 4 years

Reasons for coming to THHC: My husband started seeing Dr. Mike for shoulder pain when doctors could not figure out the cause. Dr. Mike adjusted his shoulder and after 3 visits the pain was gone. My husband had struggled for a whole year with that pain. After that our whole family gets treated here.

Your good news about THHC: In 2005 my oldest son Eddie Jr. was diagnosed with thyroid issues. The specialists told us that Eddie would remain on medication for the rest of his life. We brought him to Dr. Mike and he started supplements for thyroid function. After one year of treatment our son’s thyroid function was normal. We had the specialist ask us “Why and how?” We can only say that Almighty God used our brother in Christ -Mike Andreano- for the complete healing of our son.

-Julie Vasquez