How We Do What We Do

What do we do?                      Why do we do it?                      How do we do it?

As a result of our own personal frustrations with the current health care models, over the last 20 years we’ve researched and developed the philosophy and treatments that we use at Trinity Holistic Health Center.  Our Goal is to offer a better alternative to the mainstream “symptoms” based wellness model and some of the more esoteric “natural” approaches to health improvement.  

Our approach is based on the theory that health and disease are life processes related to the function of the nervous system and that any factor (stress) that interferes with the normal communication through the nervous system is always, at least in part, the root cause of disease.

The nervous system is the hard wired communication network that connects the brain to every cell of your body.  Information about what is changing (stress) inside and outside of your body is sent to the brain through the nervous system.  Based on that information, the brain calculates, on a moment to moment basis, what changes need to happen in your body.   New directions are sent from the brain, out through the nervous system, to every part of the body. Each system will then make the appropriate change in function in order to maintain balance and normal function.

Restoration and maintenance of health depends on normal function of the nervous system. Therefore, diagnosis is the identification of whatever is interfering with communication (stress) through the nervous system and the treatment is the removal of the interfering factor by the most conservative method. 

We specialize in identifying stressors, such as poor diet, toxic internal and external environment, emotional issues, or physical problems that undermine your health and cause disease.  And then, using all natural therapies, eliminate that stress to restore health and balance to your body.