Vertigo and Neck Pain

How long have you been coming to THHC: 10 years

Reasons for coming to THHC: For treatments and a healthier life

Your good news about THHC: My wife and I have been impressed by Dr. Mike’s diagnostic accuracy about what is going on in our bodies when we are not feeling well and come to see him. Also he does not just treat the symptoms; he treats the ailments. Dr. Mike treated my vertigo problem and lately my neck problem. He was able to treat me in only one visit which my physical therapy has not been able to do in 3 months. Dr. Mike also helps us to take the right medications. Some of the medications prescribed by our medical doctor were not helping my wife but Dr. Mike was able to advise her of the right one. Dr. Mike cares about his patients and he has integrity and we trust him.

-Felino Miran