Lyme Disease

You’ve probably heard of someone who was bitten by a tick and came down with Lyme disease.  Several years ago I had a young lady come in with unexplained symptoms that kept getting worse. She reacted to every treatment she started and could not finish any.  She eventually tested well for a protocol that I knew she could not tolerate, so she dropped out of my care. I later learned that this same protocol had been successfully used for others by Dr. Marshall for chronic Lyme disease.  Eventually, this patient was diagnosed with Lyme, but to my knowledge, treated unsuccessfully.

This started a quest to learn how to treat Lyme.  I found there is a whole underground Lyme disease world. For the most part, conventional medicine does not recognize chronic Lyme infections, partially because all the lab tests available have a high rate of false negatives and partially because most conventional and unconventional treatments have a high rate of failure.

I was able to develop my own testing protocol and was surprised to find many clients (who had negative lab tests for Lyme) with chronic health issues like joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, digestive complaints, brain fog, etc. were testing positive for Lyme disease.   

I used herbal and nutritional therapies that yielded decent but imperfect results.  As fate would have it, both my son and daughter ended up with Lyme. A few weeks after my son returned from camp with all kinds of bug bites, his left arm, from the elbow down kept swelling up every few days.  Sure enough, he tested positive through Stress Response Testing for Lyme.  After a few weeks on nutritional therapies, all his symptoms were gone and his Lyme test was negative.

Around the same time, my daughter’s knee blew up like a balloon, after having been bitten by a couple ticks a year before.  She also tested positive for Lyme. A couple days on herbal treatment: all her symptoms disappeared. But then it swelled up again about six months later.  Again, she tested positive for Lyme and within two days all her symptoms were gone. Another six months down the road and her knee swelled up again. However, this time there was no positive Lyme disease test and all herbal treatments failed to give relief.  We ran some blood tests and she had positive findings for Rheumatoid Arthritis. The Lyme had triggered an autoimmune response.

Through my research, I had found a specific homeopathic testing and treatment protocol that showed a great promise for Lyme relief.  I trained in this technique for four years with the hope that I could help more Lyme patients and now with the hope that I could help my daughter.  Through nutrition and diet restrictions my daughter did well, but even one slip up in diet and she was in terrible pain.

I finally became proficient in this homeopathic treatment that I could use it with patients.  So far we have had many successes. With the new technology, I was able to determine that my daughter still had Lyme even though my previous testing methods did not come up with Lyme.  After two months of homeopathic treatments, I have not picked up Lyme for over 18 months.  She no longer reacts to foods and only has slight pain in her ankles if she is on her feet for several hours.  She’s not at 100% but I am hopeful that she will be.

Since 2010 I have learned several things about how to test for hidden Lyme infections and the environmental factors that need to be addressed to help order your immune system overcome the infection.  Chronic Lyme infections only become harmful when there is exposure to specific toxins and the electromagnetic fields we are surrounded by in today’s world. If these factors are not identified and properly addressed you will not successfully beat Lyme.

The conventional wisdom is that Lyme is transmitted through deer ticks but some researchers have found that mosquitoes, spiders and other biting insects can transmit the disease.  Lyme is in the same family of infection as gonorrhea so there is evidence that it can even be passed on to partners through sex.

Chronic Lyme disease can be an underlying factor in inflammation, autoimmune issues, anxiety, insomnia, sleep issues, or any other chronic health issue that has not responded to other therapies or treatments.  


“Stress Is Your Health Problem!”


This might sound crazy but did you know that stress is good?  We are designed to thrive on stress. So why is everyone so stressed out.  Let me explain.

Your body has to adapt to every change in your environment…Every change!  Getting up from a chair, eating food (good or bad), parenting a 15 year old, the scent of perfume, talking on cell phone, parenting  a 15 year old, pain, pesticides, infections, and parenting a 15 year old are all stressful.

Some of these stresses are natural (like a 15 year old) and some are not (like cell phones).  The issue is how well can you adapt to those stresses. When you have more stress than you can handle then you get anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and your overall health starts to fail!

There are three ways to help your body to handle stress.  The first is to use chemicals that short circuit the nervous system.  Chemicals like xanax, prozac, ambien, alcohol, and my favorite, dark chocolate!  They all can be helpful to help you adapt to stress, but do not address the underlying cause and create their own problems (with the exception of dark chocolate ;-).

The second way is to avoid a stressor.  This can be helpful when you are beyond your capacity to handle that stress.  Things like poor posture, chemical toxins, pesticides, GMO foods, destructive thought patterns, electronics, infections are things we can and should limit our exposure to.  Exercise, hard work, overcoming challenges in relationships, etc. should be a normal part of our life and will improve our health and are beneficial when your body is not overburdened.

The third way to better handle stress is to do things that increase your ability to handle stress.  Your body runs on many cycles. During the day you use lots of energy to adapt to the stress of life.  During the night, If you sleep, your body charges back up, detoxifies and heals. So eight hours of uninterrupted sleep (best without electronics), one day of rest each week (best without electronics) is a super important part of that cycle and improving your ability to handle stress.  Exercise is an example of a stress that will help you handle more stress. Exercise will stress you out and then when your body is at rest (sleep) it will recharge and build itself back up in a way that will increase your ability to handle a new increased level of stress.

So in short, limit or eliminate unnatural stressors like processed foods, chemical toxins (like conventional lotions, soaps, make up, etc.) move back to old-school incandescent or  halogen light bulbs, limit exposure to personal electronics, and focus your mind on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy.

Make it a priority to consistently get a good night sleep.  Practice taking one day per week to rest. Add some physical exercise that pushes you just a little bit more than what is comfortable.

Since 1991, I have been developing  “Stress Response Technique” a health improvement system which identifies and corrects the underlying stressors that keep you from being your healthiest.

Located on the corner of Cumberland Ave. and Higgins Rd. in Chicago we can help you live your healthiest.

Common Health-Destroyers

Common health-destroyers may be tearing down your health. Read down the list and identify each negative factor that pertains to you. Then make a firm resolve to eliminate each factor. Enjoy the journey back to excellent health. It’s never too late to choose great health. The following is a list of common health-destroyers that are known to contribute to the development of chronic disease. (This is only a partial list.)

1. Decaying teeth. Old tooth decay (whether it is painful or not) can cause chronic symptoms in other parts of your body. Repair decayed teeth as soon as possible according to the Quantum Dental Protocol (developed by Dr. Robert Marshall).

2. Dead teeth. A dead tooth slowly releases putrid by-products which can cause chronic fatigue and other debilitating symptoms in your body. Rarely do you know when a tooth is dead. Get a Thermal Conductivity Test to check for dead teeth. If a dead tooth is found, have a root canal procedure done according to the Quantum Dental Protocol.

3. Silver fillings in your teeth. Silver fillings contain toxic heavy metals such as mercury, a known health destroyer. Replace your silver fillings with bio-compatible fillings according to the Quantum Dental Protocol.

4. Toxic dental work. Most common dental materials are toxic, such as gold alloys, porcelain, stainless steel, palladium, titanium posts or implants, etc. Replace toxic dental work with biocompatible dental materials according to the Quantum Dental Protocol.

5. Composite (tooth-colored) dental fillings. Most composite fillings are toxic petrochemical compounds which routinely “leak” and threaten the life of your teeth. Replace them with biocompatible materials according to the Quantum Dental Protocol.

6. Old Root Canals. Conventional root canal therapy typically uses gutta percha (which contains mercury, barium, cadmium, and lead) to fill the canals. These toxic metals slowly leach into the body. Replace old root canal fillings according to the Quantum Dental Protocol.

7. Toxic Dentures. Most common denture materials are toxic (both the plastic bases and the colorings). Replace your dentures with bio compatible dental materials according to the Quantum Dental Protocol.

8. Exposure to Cigarette/Cigar Smoke. Firsthand and secondhand smoke contains thousands of toxic chemicals. Avoid breathing smoke from any source.

9. Tap water. Most city tap water is toxic and may contain over 2,000 known contaminants, including harmful chemicals, germs and parasites. Install an adequate home water purification system or drink only recommended brands of purified water.

10. Indoor Air Pollution. The air in your home may contain thousands of chemicals (unseen) from the out-gassing of many chemicals from rugs, paint, furniture, cleaning products, cooking, heating, dry cleaning, etc. as well as molds, mites and dust. Be sure to air out your home regularly, even in the winter time. Avoid breathing hair sprays and beauty shop chemicals.

11. Outdoor Air Pollution. Avoid breathing polluted outside air. If you live in a big city with heavy smog or in an area with toxic airborne pollutants, the best solution may be to move to a healthier environment. Avoid exercise near auto exhaust.

12. Hair dyes and permanents. These harmful chemicals can be absorbed through your scalp and then migrate into your systemic circulation. Avoid using them.

13. Exposure to pesticides, insecticides, fungicides. These are at the top of the list of cancer-causing agents. Avoid eating commercially grown food (which is high in pesticides) and eating out. Even with the best of nutritional supplements, your health may not improve significantly if you do not eliminate the negative factors that continue to tear down your health. Many doctors report that up to 80% of chronic disease is linked directly to your diet: the food you eat directly affects your health. Learn to make wise, healthy choices for your daily cuisine. Enjoy delicious grade 10 foods and get back to GREAT HEALTH! Of course, every ill person would like to be cured instantly. But once your body has become chronically ill, the return to radiant health requires that you do your homework first. Usually there are several factors contributing to the failure of your health. You must put your detective hat on to search for which health-destroying factors have robbed you of your good health. Once these factors are identified, take direct action to eliminate each factor.

14. “Bad” fats. Avoid eating fried foods (such as french fries, chips, bacon, etc.) and hydrogenated oils (such as mayonnaise, margarine, etc.) which are linked to cancer and liver degeneration.

15. Foods/drinks with “natural flavors.” The cute name, “natural flavors,” is a spin doctor term for MSG, mono-sodium glutamate, a dangerous neurotoxin which can cause brain cells to explode. Avoid products with “natural flavors” listed in the ingredients; there is nothing “natural” about MSG.

16. Foods/drinks with aspartame. Aspartame is a toxic chemical sweetener. Thousands of adverse reactions to aspartame, such as headaches, digestive problems, allergic reactions, etc. are reported to the FDA every month. Avoid this hazardous chemical.

17. Soft drinks. They contain a variety of harmful chemicals such as phosphoric acid, aspartame, “natural flavors”(MSG), caffeine, THC (toxic brown coloring), etc. Every soft drink is another nail in your coffin.

18. Hybrid foods. Hybrid fruits and vegetables (that’s what you get in commercial grocery stores) are missing many nutrients. Get back to organically grown foods raised from open pollinated seeds for highest stamina and vitality. Avoid hybrid produce and its high levels of contaminants (such as pesticides, etc.)

19. Refined foods. Devitalized foods which contain white flour, white rice, white sugar or toxic food chemicals are associated with poor health and early death. Instead eat whole, fresh, grade 10 foods.

20. Red meat. Red meat contains a whopping 44 times more phosphorus than calcium. A person eating red meat on a regular basis can become very calcium deficient. Calcium is the key master mineral which keeps the body in the healthy alkaline zone. Without sufficient calcium, hundreds of physiological bodily processes simply cannot take place. The lower your calcium levels, the poorer your health. Switch to protein sources which are easier to digest.

21. Toxic personal care and household products. Most personal care items currently on the market (such as shampoos, deodorants, moisturizers, facial cleansers, cleaning agents, etc.) contain chemicals which are potentially toxic. These chemicals are absorbed through your skin into your body and can create ill health. Avoid toxic household products such as most dishwashing liquids, cleaning agents, etc.

22. Medical drugs. Current research shows that taking even correctly prescribed medical drugs will shorten your lifespan. This is because most medical drugs suppress your symptoms instead of curing the problem. Drug use commonly leads to side effects. Find out the true cause(s) of your medical condition, then correct these (including nutritional deficiencies) so that you can discontinue medication. (Check with your doctor first.)

23. Recreational drugs. Avoid using so-called recreational drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, speed, etc. These drugs can have profoundly negative effects on your health. Discontinue them completely. If you are addicted to any drug, do not try to overcome the addiction by yourself. Seek help from a qualified professional.

24. Exposure to electromagnetic pollution. Avoid long-term exposure to harmful electromagnetic pollution, such as from TVs, phones, cell phones, pagers, watches, ear phones, car engines, etc.

You may request info about our EMF Protectors which can protect you when using these devices.

25. Wrong bed orientation. Restful sleep at night is essential for good health. Place the head of your bed to face east, (so when you are lying down, the top of your head points toward the east) to allow the body to achieve maximum healing and repair during sleep in alignment with the earth’s electromagnetics. Misalignment can impede the healing and repair process of sleep. A bed facing north (sleeping with your head pointing north) can be particularly disruptive. Secondly, harmful EMF fields emanate about 1 foot out from the walls (due to AC currents) in the typical home. Therefore, place your bed one foot out from the wall to avoid sleeping in these fields (or use a Circuit Protector.)

26. Lack of regular exercise and daily sunshine. Regular exercise and at least 20 minutes of sunshine daily are essential for good health.

After reading the above list of Health Destroyers, identify which ones you need to work on and take action! Your health is a great treasure. Feel free to call our office to ask for additional information to help you get started on the road to radiant health.  


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Biological Detoxification

Biological Detoxification (link)

We use Biological Detoxification to reduce, cleanse and eliminate the stressful toxic burden of toxins that have accumulated in your body over time from environmental, dietary, medical and internal toxic metabolic byproducts.    


Americans Are More Toxic Than We Ever Believed

The average person has Over 90 toxic chemicals in their blood/urine.  The chronically ill may be suffering from a toxic load that they cannot overcome. 

In a recent study led by Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York researchers found an average of 91 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals in the blood and urine of nine volunteers from different parts of the country.

Even the least toxic subject studied had 77 pollutants in their body.  Like most of us, the people tested in this study do not work with chemicals on the job and do not live near an industrial facility.

Summary of Results

The nine subjects carried an average toxic burden of:

  • 53 chemicals linked to cancer.
  • 62 chemicals that are toxic to the brain & nervous system.
  • 58 chemicals that interfere with the hormone system.
  • 55 chemicals associated with birth defects or abnormal development.
  • 53 chemicals toxic to the immune system.

The laboratory also found 48 different PCB’s in the nine subjects even though PCB’s were banned in the United States over 25 years ago.

It is evident by this report that no matter how diligent we are with a clean diet, we cannot escape the toxins in our environment.  It is clear that one of the main focal points of health and healing is detoxing the body. The chronically ill maybe suffering from a toxic load that they cannot overcome.

In 71 rain samples taken at the Quabbin Reservoir 65 miles west of Boston, from July 1997 to July 1998, the average level or mercury was 10 times the level of mercury considered safe by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency.

Where did all this mercury come from?  

Across the country, coal-burning electric power plants are the largest source of mercury, but in the northeast, municipal waste incinerators are the greatest source. (9/19/2000 The Daily Hampshire Gazette).  But we don’t have to look any farther than the vaccinations injected into our bodies or the silver/mercury fillings drilled into our teeth to find a source of deadly mercury.

In the year 2000, major US industries reported dumping 7.1 billion pounds of 650 industrial chemicals into our air and water. (EPA 200 Toxic Release Inventory)

According to the U.S. Food and Drug administration (FDA), over 35% of the food tested in 1998 contained pesticide residues.  Fifty three pesticides classified as Carcinogens are presently registered for use on major crops, including apples, tomatoes, and potatoes.  Additionally, more than 10,000 additives are added to our food supply.  In fact, an average American eats about 142 lbs. of additives a year.

According to the EPA, more than 1,000,000 Americans drink water laced with pesticides.  In 2000 alone, more than 4 billion pounds of chemicals were released into the ground, and over 260 million pounds of chemicals were discharged into surface waters, i.e. lakes and rivers, making fish unsafe to eat and water unsafe to swim in or to drink.

Some of the more common sources of environmental toxins can be found right in your home.

Food: It is now fairly well known that the average American consumes about 10 pounds of chemicals per year.  This becomes even more shocking when you realize that every ten years 100 pounds of chemicals are going inside your body.  Imagine your liver having to process a 100-pound drum of chemicals every 10 years.  Even the healthiest individuals have to be struggling to handle this toxic load.

Air-Water: In the year 2000, major US industries reported dumping 7.1 billion pounds of 650 industrial chemicals into our air and water.  Care to guess how many billion pounds were dumped and not reported.

Personal Products: These are chemicals we put on our bodies every single day and don’t give them a second thought; the ingredient lists on these bottles are so small we often can’t even read them.  Here is your chance, read what it is you are putting on your body every day.  In one day’s time the average person puts all of the chemicals listed below or similar list on themselves, and you’re doing it every day.  We challenge you to try and read through this list of chemicals that you are soaking in every day.

Toothpaste: Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Fluoride, D&C  Yellow #10, FD&C Blue #1, Flavor, Glycerin, Hydrated Silica,  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium  Saccharin,  Sorbitol,  Titanium Dioxode, Trisodium Phosphate, Water, Xanthan Gum.

Shaving Cream: Water, Palmitic Acid, Triethanolamine,  Oleth-20, isopentane, Sorbitol,   Mineral oil, Isobutane, Cocamide DEA. Tocopheryl Acetate, Gossypium Herbaceum seed oil, Glycine Soja oil, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Bisabolol, Hydroxyethlcelluose, Polyisobutene, Peg 14m, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, BHT, Fragrance.

Deodorant: Aluminum Chlorohydrate, BHT, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance, PPG-11 Stearyl Ether or PPG-15 Stearyl Ether, Steareth-2, Steareth-20, Water, D&C Yellow No. 10, FD&C Red No.4.

Hair Spray: SD alchol 40b, water, octylaacrylamide/acrylates copolymer BA/Crotonates/Vinyl Neodecanoate Copolyhmer-Comfrey Extract, Sage Extract, Wild Cherry Bark Extract, Hudrolyzed Wheat Protein, Wheat Starch, Aminomethyl Propanol, Cetearyl Octanoate, Fragranace, Prophylene Glycol, D&C Orange No.4 Ext. D&C Violet No.2

Shampoo: Water, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Comcamide MEA, Dimethiconol,  Silk Amino Acids (Lysine, Arginine), Silk protein, Phytantriol, Ammonium Chloride, PEG-5, Cocamide, Fragrance, Proplene Glycol, Carbomer, Amodimeethieone,  TEA-Dodecylbenzensulfonate, Guar Hudroxpropytrimonium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Mica, DMDM Hydantoin, C11-15, Pareth-7 PPG-9, C12-16 Alchols, Trideceth-12, Methychloroisothiazinone,  Methylisothiazolinone, Oleic Acid, Titanium Dioxide.

Make Up: We won’t bother listing what is in lipstick, eye shadow, rouge,…

Health Conditions that can be related to toxic exposure:

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Pain and Inflammation

DJD and Arthralgias


Hormonal Imbalance

Intestinal Distress


Cognitive Dysfunction

There is no Escape

It should be obvious by now that you live in a sea of toxic chemicals.  Patients with chronic health conditions are likely struggling under a toxic load that they cannot overcome.  Years of exposure to this kind of toxic load can result in a myriad of chronic conditions.  If indeed there is no escaping our chemical world, then it is absolutely critical that our bodies own detox systems are cleansed and functioning.

Trinity Holistic Health Center uses state of the art protocols that include whole food nutritional and herbal remedies that gently target and support the various  levels and processes of detoxification including:

Cellular detoxification

Ground tissue detoxification

Lymphatic Detoxification

Phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification

Gallbladder detoxification

Kidney detoxification

Bowel detoxification

Heavy metal detoxification

Chemical detoxification


Chiropractic Alignment

Chiropractic Alignment (link)

(Adapted from Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary 28th Edition)

Chiropractic is a science based on the theory that health and disease are life processes related to the function of the nervous system:

Irritation of the nervous system by mechanical, chemical, or emotional factors (stress) is the cause of disease;

Restoration and maintenance of health depends on normal function of the nervous system.  

Diagnosis is the identification of these noxious irritants and

Treatment is their removal by the most conservative method.

Chiropractic adjustments are applied by hand or a low force adjusting instrument (  SOT the spine or other joints to restore normal motion and position.

Chiropractic adjustments are:

Bullet Proof Your Immune System




Bullet Proof Your Immune System                  

Fall 2010~Chicago


It’s getting to the time of year when it’s a good idea to start doing several things to strengthen your immune system.  A good defense is the best offense.

I believe, “the healthier you are, the stronger your immune system will be, and the less likely you are to get sick”.  So I try to avoid those things that can lower my state of health and do those things that can increase my overall health.

We have a lot going against us this time of year.  There is less sunlight and it gets colder so we tend to stay indoors more.  Less time outdoors in the sun usually means less immune supporting vitamin D.  The lack of sun can cause depression in many people (which lowers your immune function).  The dry air from your furnace will dry out your respiratory system and leave you open to infection.  More time indoors also means you will probably be sharing the same air with others who are already coughing and sneezing.  The holidays come with mucho stress, late night parties, and lots of sugary (immune suppressing) sweets.  No wonder this is the “cold and flu season!”

“So how can I strengthen my immune system and do everything possible to avoid getting sick this year?”, you ask.

First, what not to do:

Every year I am asked by several people if they should get the flu shot.  I have had several people tell me that they swear by them.  On the other hand, I have had several people tell me that the flu shot has made them sick. Two of my clients had elderly parents who got very sick  and died only a couple days after their flu shot.  Personally, I have seen no convincing study that leads me to believe the flu shot works for anyone. The CDC generally will report after the flu season that the flu vaccine for the given year was only slightly effective for preventing flu.  It’s recognized that many people do get “flu like” symptoms after their vaccination.  There are always risks (usually understated by those selling the shots) to any vaccination.  Therefore, I do not ever take a flu shot.

Anti-bacterial soap and hand wash is all the rage.  Last year a few of those antibacterials were recalled because they contained unsafe levels of bacteria…go figure.  Anyway, antibacterials may kill some bacteria but those same chemicals that are toxic to bacteria are also toxic to you and will lower your resistance to bacteria.  Further, most of the antibacterial hand lotions contain alcohol which will remove your skin’s natural antibacterial oil and dry out the skin leaving it open to infection.  And by the way, if you are washing your hands so many times every day that the skin is red, your doing the same thing.


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Halloween is the first major sugar fest of the season and it gets worse from there.  Sugar will decrease your immune response by up to 40% and contribute to mucus, so limit the sugar. Remember, cakes, cookies, fruit juices, soda, etc, are all sources of sugar (unrefined coconut sugar is a healthy alternative for baking). Artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame can compromise your immune system.

Breads, pasta, and other wheat-based products tend to produce mucus and convert to pure sugar almost the moment they enter your mouth.  For a strong immune system, cut bakery products (even whole grains) out of your diet.

In addition to other issues, milk products (milk, cheese, ice cream, etc.-butter is ok) can create mucus.  Mucus can become a breeding ground for virus and bacteria.  Avoid milk products.

The next question should be, “so, what can I do?”

Get outside every day.  The fresh air and sun have wide-ranging benefits for your mood, immune system, and overall health.

As the summer winds down and it starts to get colder it’s easy to turn into a couch potato. Exercise not only strengthens your muscles but also builds up your immune system. Get outside and measure a mile.  Walk it every day in under 14 minutes.  Another great way to exercise is to get a re-bounder (mini-trampoline).  A re-bounder is one of the best ways to tone your muscles, improve balance, and stimulate the lymphatic system to work better (an important part of your immune system).

Sleep! If you are not getting enough quality sleep, sleep can be the most important factor for improving your health. You can go a long way in preventing illness by getting at least five hours of uninterrupted sleep each night (ideally eight hours).  The more consistent your bed time and meal times, the better quality of sleep you will have.  The earlier your bed time (9:00pm-10:00pm) the better quality of sleep you will have.  The lighter and earlier you eat the last meal of your day (before 6:30pm), the better quality of sleep you will have.

Hydration is always very important for building and maintaining health. I recommend mixing 1 teaspoon of Pink Salt with 64 oz of purified or spring water per day and drinking it over the course of a day.

Stay warm! My mother was constantly yelling at me, “Michael Anthony, do not go outside without your jacket and hat or you’ll catch a cold!”  I was foolish then, but with age comes wisdom (hopefully).  What I have learned over the years is that cold weather does not cause colds (just as I thought),  but cold weather is stressful to your body.  The stress from weather change will lower your immune system function and open the door to illness.  So bundle up and wear a hat when you go out.

Use a humidifier.  As it gets cold, the heat comes on, and the air drys out.  Dry air will damage the lining of your nasal passages and throat and allow virus and infection to get in. Run your humidifier 24/7.  A little Eucalyptus Oil in the humidifier or sprayed in the air is a good way to destroy airborne infective agents.

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The greater your stress, the lower your immune system function will be.  Resist doing more than you can handle this holiday season.  Enjoy what you have and stop worrying about what you don’t have or what you can’t give.  Learn to be content in all things:

(Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:11-20)

Try to take one day per week and do nothing but rest (physically and mentally).

Eat your greens.  We live in a time where we have relatively fresh produce available to us year round.  Eating lots of dark, green, leafy vegetables is a great way to enjoy the anti-infective and immune building properties of whole food food source Vitamin A and C.

Herbal and nutritional supplements can also be an important part of building a strong immune system.

I recommend that you keep these products on hand all winter long:

Catalyn is one of the best whole food vitamin supplements on the market.  It covers all the bases and is a good starting point for any health program. Start with chewing six tablets per day for two weeks and then maintain with three tablets per day.  If you get over tired, eat too much of the wrong food, or get extra stressed, go back up to six tabs per day.

Vitamin D3 is one of the most researched vitamins of the day.  It has been found to be a key factor for hundreds of important processes in your body.  One of the surprising findings in the current research is that vitamin D has a huge influence on your immune system.

Unless you are already supplementing with vitamin D (at least 5000 units per day), or you work outside all year round, it is almost unheard of to have optimal vitamin D levels.  You can check your vitamin D levels by ordering a vitamin D  test [25(OH)D] at Directlabs for a discounted price.  Most labs consider levels above 30 ng/ml as adequate, but most of the current research suggests optimal levels between 60 and 80 ng/ml.  If you are already vitamin D deficient, you will need a high potency D3 (20,000iu – 30,000iu/day for eight weeks and then 5,000 iu/day there after).  

Beware, not all vitamin D supplements are the same.

Cataplex ACP is an old stand by.  Vitamin A and C, especially in their whole food form, have strong anti-infective and immune system building properties.   Vitamin P is the old term for bioflavinoids, which in combination with the vitamin A and C will keep your immune system working well all winter long.  Chew up six per day.

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Thymex and Nucleotide are both great products to have on hand if you do start to get sick.  A Swiss study found that Nucleotides will stop a cold or flu 96% of the time.  If you are starting to feel like you are getting sick, chew one Catalyn, one Cataplex ACP, one Nucleotide, one drop D3, and one Thymex every waking hour (or if you begin to notice yoursymptoms at night, take ten of each before bed the first night then follow the above recommendations from there on out) until you feel better, and then take six of each product per day for one week.  If you have a sore throat you can suck on Thymex and gargle with salt water throughout the day.  At the first signs of getting sick stop all sugar and milk products and get some extra rest.

You can bet you can always find a supply of these nutrients on hand at my house.

We believe there is a better way to stay healthy all winter long.  Stay on top of your health this year and enjoy the holiday season.  Remember, “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got!”

God bless,

Dr. Mike Andreano



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Vitamin C

Vitamin C (link)

Vitamin C Complex (found only in whole food) = Ascorbic Acid + Bioflavinoid Complexes + Tyrosinase + P Factors + J Factors + K Factors.

The Vitamin C Complex (including the ascorbic acid wrapper)


Ascorbic Acid – the antioxidant wrapper for the vitamin C complex.  Accounts for about five percent of vitamin C activity in the human.  Most vitamin C supplements sold are entirely ascorbic acid.  They rarely contain any of the following factors that can only be found in the vitamin C complex in whole foods.

Ascobigen Bioflavinoid Complexes – are known to have anti-metastatic, antiproliferative and cytotoxic activities

Tyrosinase – this enzyme helps activate the adrenal glands

P factors – help with vascular integrity. Patients deficient in P factors have a tendency to bruise easily or bleed in their gums while brushing their teeth. P factors are the cure for scurvy.

K factor – is a clotting factor and keeps you from bleeding to death.  It also is important to maintain strong bones.

J factor – increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

Since ascorbic acid is such a tiny portion of the natural Vitamin C Complex, any ascorbic acid product cannot possibly be natural. The reason is simple, too get sufficient quantities of ascorbic acid from nature, the other portions of the whole Vitamin C Complex would be so large as to make a single 500 mg “natural” ascorbic acid pill the size of a tennis ball.   Since there is no “natural” ascorbic acid, it is the combination of nutritive factors found in the whole Vitamin C Complex that do the healing, not the ascorbic acid.

Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of Ascorbic Acid in 1937:

In “Nature” July 4, 1936, p. 27“Vitamin P : Flavanols as Vitamins”  he wrote:

“Various chemical and clinical observations have led to the assumption that ascorbic acid is accompanied in the cell by a substance of similar importance and related activity.  In absence of both substances, the symptoms of lack of ascorbic acid (scurvy) prevail and conceal symptoms of the deficiency of the second substance.  

“…we have found that in certain pathological conditions characterized by an increase permeability or fragility of the capillary wall, ascorbic acid is ineffective, while the condition can readily by cured by the administration of Hungarian red pepper or lemon juice.

“…Spontaneous bleeding ceased, the capillary walls lost their fragility towards pressure differences and more plasma protein left the vascular system on increase venous pressure… We propose to give the name “vitamin P” to the substance responsible for the action on vascular permeability”

In “Oxidation” Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, 1939 page 73-74 (2 years after he received the Nobel Prize for Vitamin C) Dr. Szent Gyorgyi Wrote:

“I am talking in such detail about this substance [ascorbic acid] because of a small accident that happened to us at that time.  I had a letter from and Austrian colleague who was suffering from a severe hemorahagic diathesis (  He wanted to try ascorbic acid in his condition.  Possessing at that time no sufficient quantities of crystalline ascorbic acid, I sent him a preparation of paprika that contained much ascorbic acid and the man was cured by it.  

Ascorbic Acid Info:

New Your Times Thursday April 9th, 1998, Study Finds Peril in Taking high dose Vitamin C Supplement “…team of British researchers who found that a supplement of 500 milligrams a day [ascorbic acid] could damage people’s genes” “In contrast, vitamin C naturally present in food, he said, has no oxidizing effects.

40th Annual conference on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention, San Diego, CA.  March 1-4, 2000. “Vitamin C [ascorbic Acid] Supplements Intake and Progression of Carotid Atherosclerosis:” The Los Angeles Atherosclerosis Study

Vitamin C supplements may promote atherosclerosis

Mar 3, 2000 (Reuters Health)

Vitamin C supplements [ascorbic acid] appears to promote intima-media thickness* in a dose-dependent manner.

Men who took 500 mg of vitamin C daily had an increase in *intima-media thickness progression that was 250% greater than men who did not use supplements.

adverse effect was not demonstrated for vitamin C from food, but those taking vitamin C pills [ascorbic acid] had accelerated thickening of the walls of the big arteries in their necks*.  In fact, the more they took, the faster the buildup.”

*increased  intima-media and carotid artery thickness have both been shown to be risk factors for heart attacks”

Doctors Warns Against Big Dose of Vitamin C [ascorbic acid] During Cancer Treatment

Source; Cancer Research September 1999 March 27 2000

The concern is based on the discovery that some cells actually contain large amounts of vitamin C [ascorbic acid] which appears to protect them from oxygen damage. Dr. David Golde, physician in chief at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, warned against too much vitamin C in a presentation Monday at a meeting of the American Cancer Society.  They found that an oxidized form of vitamin C called dehydroascorbic acid enters cells through the same opening used by sugar.  Once inside, it is immediately converted back to vitamin C [ascorbic acid].  He said a key feature of many cancers is they have many more of these sugar openings than do ordinary cells.  This allows them to take in the energy they need to grow.  But he said cancer cells often also have very high concentration of vitamin C.  The exact function of the vitamin inside cancer is unknown.


  • Ascorbic Acid causes oxidative genetic damage to DNA (500mg)
  • Ascorbic Acid quickens carotid atherosclerosis, hastening coronary heart disease.
  • Ascorbic Acid was known by its discoverers not to cure scurvy.
  • Ascorbic Acid in high amounts found in tumors.

Here are the facts!

Here are the facts! 

1. Most soil is depleted of essential minerals and therefore the grains and vegetables grown on them are also lacking in vitamin and mineral content. 

2. The processing and refining of food further depletes its nutritional value. 

3. Essential oils are removed from food during processing to prolong shelf life. 

4. It is a lie that animal fats, coconut oil and butter cause high cholesterol, heart disease       and cancer. 

5.  It is also a lie that vegetable oils such as corn, soy, canola, and margarine prevent obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease and cancer. 

6. Synthetic vitamins are not the same and do not work the same as those vitamin complexes found in real food. 

7. White refined sugar and white refined carbohydrates are addictive and are big contributors to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. 

8. The greatest common stress to the American body today is nutritional deficiencies caused by poisons that the food industry has fooled us into believing is actually food. 

9. There is a practical way to take control of the diet for you and your family.

“The treatment of the body by substances foreign to its economy (drugs) can only be considered a possible stalemate; while the real burden malnutrition, goes on increasing its deleterious effects until the “crutches” are no longer able to avail.” –Dr. Royal Lee 





Good Food, Good Diet, Good Life: The Fat Life

Good fats are good for us and we should eat plenty


They are necessary for life and they make life more interesting.  Your body uses fat to make hormones.  No hormones, no passion! 

Your body uses fats to build and maintain your brain.  No fat, no memory, no fun!

Your body uses fats for sustained energy production.  No fat, no stamina!

Your body uses fat to turn off your hunger reflexes.  No fat, always hungry, eat more, get fatter!  Your taste buds love fat.  No Fat, No satisfaction, blahhh!

You might get the impression that I like to eat fatty food!!!  

It’s true that that bacon make’s everything taste better.  I can’t stand coffee with milk or half and half.  If I don’t have heavy whipping cream, I drink my coffee black.  Heck, in my house we eat more than a pound of butter , a half-gallon of heavy whipping cream, three dozen eggs, and a pound of cheese per week, a gallon of olive oil in about a month, and eat only the fattest cuts of chicken, beef and pork we can find.

Fat has gotten a bad rap from junk science and the propaganda intended to deceive and enslave us.  Sounds harsh but do a little research and apply some common sense and you will come to the same conclusion.  God put fat in our food for a reason.

The consequences of this propaganda campaign has left the consumer to believe that all disease is caused by fat and that animal fat (saturated fats) will cause sudden death.

The truth about fat is that certain fats, fats that have been processed and fats that have gone rancid, are poision.  The sinister side of the “fatocracy”  is that the poison fats are marketed and sold to us as “healthy fats.”

There are three main things that make a fat bad:

1) Fat should be consumed in quantities and ratios found in nature.  For example raw milk has a lot of saturated fat, so milk fat is ok to consume in large quantities.  Beef has a lot of saturated fat, so beef fat is ok to consume in large quantities.  Olives have a lot of oil, so it is ok to consume large amounts of olive oil. Corn does not have much oil, so it’s not ok to consume large amounts of corn oil.  Unfortunately, we do the opposite.  We have been trained to eat large amounts of corn oil (and other polyunsaturated vegetable oils) and minimal quantities of animal fats, all in the name of good health.  “Great Idea?!” This advice has resulted in more obesity, higher rates of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer, and cancer.

2) Rancidity – which means the oil is spoiled.  Most oils that are liquid at room temperature spoil very fast (within days).   Vegetable oils, which for the most part are poly-unsaturated oils, are often rancid by the time you bring them home from the store.  Rancid oils are highly toxic.  This is one of the reasons why flour is bleached.  Back in the good old days, wheat was ground into flour, made into bread and sold all within a day or so because the oil in it spoiled within a few days and then tastes, well rancid!  Today, most oil from wheat germ has been removed from bread and what is left is deodorized.  We end up with a product that can sit on the store shelf for weeks instead of days. (MORE PROFITABLE)  Most vegetable oils are spoiled by the time you purchase them, however, deodorizing processes keep you from knowing it.  Saturated and mono-unsaturated fats (animal fats, butter, coconut oil, palm oils and olive oil) do not spoil easily and should not be avoided despite propaganda to the contrary.

3) Hydrogenation-Hydrogenation is used to turn liquid oil into a sold.  Hydrogenated or trans-fats are a disaster on many levels and should not be consumed…at all! 

Margarine is a good example of a hydrogenated oil (butter good-margarine bad). Other Hydrogenated oils (trans-fats) can be found in many processed food and fried foods.  Look on the labels for hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fat.   New York City has banned trans-fat in restaurant food, and Wal-Mart has pledged to eliminate foods with trans-fat from their shelves by 2015.

The good news is that when you eliminate processed foods from your diet, you eliminate most of the toxic oils/fats.  So eat good fat and live healthy and happy!

Good Food, Good Diet, Good Life: Starches

Good Food, Good Diet, Good Life: Starches

The first week of my detox program was rough but this week I am picking up strength.  I am sleeping better and most of the achyness is gone.  The first week I had a gnawing hunger that would not go away no matter how much I ate.  This week I am satisfied with my purification shake, salad and veggies three times per day.  In the last couple days I have noticed my energy increasing, my skin clearing, and I have lost six pounds!)

One of the important aspects to this detox program is the elimination of grains.  Most of my patients do much better when they eliminate much of the starches associated with grains from their diet, especially wheat.  We actually do testing at the office to determine how your body handles different grains.

Some estimates are as high as 25% of the population has some sort of sensitivity to wheat.  Most people do not realize they are sensitive to wheat until they eliminate it completely from their diet for four weeks and then add it back in.  At the end of four weeks, when you add the wheat back to your diet, you will know it if you are sensitive.  You might experience headaches, rashes, diarrhea, fatigue, brain fog, achy joints, etc.  

Wheat (and other grains for that matter) is stored in silos and sprayed with a fungicide that contains mercury…mercury is deadly to mold but also deadly to us.  Many people that have problems with the wheat are actually responding to the mercury sprayed on the wheat.

When grains are processed and made into flour, bread, pasta, cereal, crackers, etc., they are usually refined.  The bran and germ is separated out (which is where most of the good nutrition is) from the starch and fed to farm animals.  What is left is 86% carbohydrate 14% protein, no vitamins and no minerals.  EMPTY CALORIES!!!  

The flour is then bleached (chlorine is used to bleach the flour and reacts with the protein to form alloxan which is VERY TOXIC and known to cause diabetes).  Synthetic vitamins and minerals (toxic) are then added to the flour and sold to us in various forms.  

I will admit, it does taste good!

Whole grains have the bran and germ but this causes more problems.  The oil in the germ goes rancid (VERY TOXIC) in few days.  Food manufacturers have solved this problem by bleaching whole grain flour (alloxan) up to 2oo times more than white flour.  

To do grains like wheat correctly, you would have to buy organic grain that was not sprayed with mercury gas, grind it and consume it within a few days of grinding.  No easy feat.  

At health food stores you can find some good organic grain based products that are refrigerated, which keeps the oil from going rancid.

The other obvious problem with grains is that we eat way too much.  If you want to fatten up a cow fast you take them off their natural diet of grass and feed them grains!!

 But we have been told that whole grains are a diet food!  The reality is that most grains turn to sugar as soon as you chew them up.  That sugar causes insulin to be released (stressing out your pancreas).  Insulin drives the sugar into fat cells for storage, drives up cholesterol levels, causes hormone imbalances and many other degenerative health issues.

Most people can handle about 75 grams of starchy carbohydrate each day…about three slices of bread.

I know, I know, I know.  I’m Italian.  I feel your pain.  There is nothing like a big plate of pasta with sausage and sauce, pizza or a Big Al’s Italian Beef with the bun dipped in the juice.  My personal experience is this: I have gone years without wheat because of how it affected my digestion.  One slice of pizza and I was in the bathroom ten times the next day.  The good news is that after a few weeks most of the cravings for wheat were gone. But after being off wheat for a long time I can now tolerate it without symptoms.   Sure it will still make me fat, and when I eat too much as I have over the last four months it will start to make me sick (probably why I am having such a hard time with this detox) but its possible to end your addiction to grains.  I know you can do it.  You might not do it perfectly,  but when you realize what you are doing to your self every time you eat grain you will  get back up and try again……….