Swollen Lymph Node

I recommend Trinity Holistic to anyone for all health concerns they may have. They are really amazing! I had an unknown, undiagnosed swollen lymph node problem in my neck which then migrated to other lymphs in my body. As a young woman, only 30 years old, it took the energy and life out of me as well as become a grave concern for my future. I visited regular doctors and specialists in the medical industry. They took about 20 blood tests and all of my results continued to come back negative with “normal levels” and “no explanation” from any specialist doctors. My neck was swollen, tender, and sore and I was unable to live a normal life or care for my 2 young children. I would have bouts of terrible sickness. None of the doctors in the regular medical industry could provide ANY answers. They flat out told me they “didn’t know” what was wrong with me.

I then received a referral to Trinity Holistic to visit Dr. Mike for a Quantum Reflex Analysis. At first I was wondering how this would work, but Kathleen, my sideline coach and cheerleader, had offered me the safety of talking it out with her and she continued to motivate me to “have faith” about my recovery.

Week after week, I would recover little by little. Dr. Mike was able to identify the weak systems in my body and STRENGTHEN them over time with pure, whole-source supplements.. not using damaging synthetic pharmaceuticals. My health continued to improve as I continued to check up with him month after month. I watched and felt my immune system fighting… gaining strength, then the illness would try to surface again, but my immune system would come back strong over and over and over. If I didn’t have those supplements building those immunities I would have crashed and burned. Dr. Mike tailored my treatment perfectly until BOOM, one day it was like I noticed complete recovery! Thank you Jesus! Because of this center and faith in the Lord I am now feeling like I was before I became ill.

Over a period of 6 months, the lymph nodes are no longer swollen, my energy is back, my immune system is strong, the pains I had and the severe and unexplained systems in my body were treated the CORRECT way using real analysis that works WITH our bodies not against our bodies. I can make plans now, I’m not lying on the couch every weekend sick. I can play with my kids, keep up with them and stay healthy which is very important to a mother of 2.

I would recommend Trinity Holistic for ANYONE who is experiencing pain, symptoms, major and minor health concerns and especially for those who are “Looking for a medical breakthrough bu not getting it through the regular medical industry”. Colds, coughs, asthma, blood pressure, digestive issues, disease, you name it! I believe in Trinity Holistic 100%!

-Angela M.