I was born in August of 1963 and since then I’ve had asthma. I was told it was a gift from my grandmother because she had asthma. As a child my parents spent many a night at Children’s Memorial Hospital with the many attacks. Growing up it was hard to play outside, participate in sports, and even just be a normal kid. It was so hopeless to think that I had to live with this for the rest of my life. My inhaler was part of my life as well. I had to make sure that I had it with me at all times. I even remember going to the doctor as a child to get tested to see exactly what triggered my asthma (the list was endless). I had just about given up.

As an adult I met Dr. Andreano at the church we were both members at. I went to see him for some adjustments and during the initial visit, I told him of my asthma. I didn’t deal with it right away but, eventually, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Dr. Mike was amazing! His desire was to get my asthma under control without the use of steroid inhalers – which I graduated to as an adult. I knew I was in safe hands with Dr. Mike and trusted him. After several visits and following his instructions, my asthma is under control. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to visit friends that have cats, dogs, and other pets and be able to breathe. I used to get asthma even when I sneezed hard; not any more. Dr. Mike has been able to do what no other doctor could do without prescribing dangerous drugs. Thank you Dr. Mike, for giving be a normal life after suffering for so many years.

-Angel L. Vega