Lyme Disease

You’ve probably heard of someone who was bitten by a tick and came down with Lyme disease.  Several years ago I had a young lady come in with unexplained symptoms that kept getting worse. She reacted to every treatment she started and could not finish any.  She eventually tested well for a protocol that I knew she could not tolerate, so she dropped out of my care. I later learned that this same protocol had been successfully used for others by Dr. Marshall for chronic Lyme disease.  Eventually, this patient was diagnosed with Lyme, but to my knowledge, treated unsuccessfully.

This started a quest to learn how to treat Lyme.  I found there is a whole underground Lyme disease world. For the most part, conventional medicine does not recognize chronic Lyme infections, partially because all the lab tests available have a high rate of false negatives and partially because most conventional and unconventional treatments have a high rate of failure.

I was able to develop my own testing protocol and was surprised to find many clients (who had negative lab tests for Lyme) with chronic health issues like joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, digestive complaints, brain fog, etc. were testing positive for Lyme disease.   

I used herbal and nutritional therapies that yielded decent but imperfect results.  As fate would have it, both my son and daughter ended up with Lyme. A few weeks after my son returned from camp with all kinds of bug bites, his left arm, from the elbow down kept swelling up every few days.  Sure enough, he tested positive through Stress Response Testing for Lyme.  After a few weeks on nutritional therapies, all his symptoms were gone and his Lyme test was negative.

Around the same time, my daughter’s knee blew up like a balloon, after having been bitten by a couple ticks a year before.  She also tested positive for Lyme. A couple days on herbal treatment: all her symptoms disappeared. But then it swelled up again about six months later.  Again, she tested positive for Lyme and within two days all her symptoms were gone. Another six months down the road and her knee swelled up again. However, this time there was no positive Lyme disease test and all herbal treatments failed to give relief.  We ran some blood tests and she had positive findings for Rheumatoid Arthritis. The Lyme had triggered an autoimmune response.

Through my research, I had found a specific homeopathic testing and treatment protocol that showed a great promise for Lyme relief.  I trained in this technique for four years with the hope that I could help more Lyme patients and now with the hope that I could help my daughter.  Through nutrition and diet restrictions my daughter did well, but even one slip up in diet and she was in terrible pain.

I finally became proficient in this homeopathic treatment that I could use it with patients.  So far we have had many successes. With the new technology, I was able to determine that my daughter still had Lyme even though my previous testing methods did not come up with Lyme.  After two months of homeopathic treatments, I have not picked up Lyme for over 18 months.  She no longer reacts to foods and only has slight pain in her ankles if she is on her feet for several hours.  She’s not at 100% but I am hopeful that she will be.

Since 2010 I have learned several things about how to test for hidden Lyme infections and the environmental factors that need to be addressed to help order your immune system overcome the infection.  Chronic Lyme infections only become harmful when there is exposure to specific toxins and the electromagnetic fields we are surrounded by in today’s world. If these factors are not identified and properly addressed you will not successfully beat Lyme.

The conventional wisdom is that Lyme is transmitted through deer ticks but some researchers have found that mosquitoes, spiders and other biting insects can transmit the disease.  Lyme is in the same family of infection as gonorrhea so there is evidence that it can even be passed on to partners through sex.

Chronic Lyme disease can be an underlying factor in inflammation, autoimmune issues, anxiety, insomnia, sleep issues, or any other chronic health issue that has not responded to other therapies or treatments.  

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