Good Food, Good Diet, Good Life: The Fat Life

Good fats are good for us and we should eat plenty


They are necessary for life and they make life more interesting.  Your body uses fat to make hormones.  No hormones, no passion! 

Your body uses fats to build and maintain your brain.  No fat, no memory, no fun!

Your body uses fats for sustained energy production.  No fat, no stamina!

Your body uses fat to turn off your hunger reflexes.  No fat, always hungry, eat more, get fatter!  Your taste buds love fat.  No Fat, No satisfaction, blahhh!

You might get the impression that I like to eat fatty food!!!  

It’s true that that bacon make’s everything taste better.  I can’t stand coffee with milk or half and half.  If I don’t have heavy whipping cream, I drink my coffee black.  Heck, in my house we eat more than a pound of butter , a half-gallon of heavy whipping cream, three dozen eggs, and a pound of cheese per week, a gallon of olive oil in about a month, and eat only the fattest cuts of chicken, beef and pork we can find.

Fat has gotten a bad rap from junk science and the propaganda intended to deceive and enslave us.  Sounds harsh but do a little research and apply some common sense and you will come to the same conclusion.  God put fat in our food for a reason.

The consequences of this propaganda campaign has left the consumer to believe that all disease is caused by fat and that animal fat (saturated fats) will cause sudden death.

The truth about fat is that certain fats, fats that have been processed and fats that have gone rancid, are poision.  The sinister side of the “fatocracy”  is that the poison fats are marketed and sold to us as “healthy fats.”

There are three main things that make a fat bad:

1) Fat should be consumed in quantities and ratios found in nature.  For example raw milk has a lot of saturated fat, so milk fat is ok to consume in large quantities.  Beef has a lot of saturated fat, so beef fat is ok to consume in large quantities.  Olives have a lot of oil, so it is ok to consume large amounts of olive oil. Corn does not have much oil, so it’s not ok to consume large amounts of corn oil.  Unfortunately, we do the opposite.  We have been trained to eat large amounts of corn oil (and other polyunsaturated vegetable oils) and minimal quantities of animal fats, all in the name of good health.  “Great Idea?!” This advice has resulted in more obesity, higher rates of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer, and cancer.

2) Rancidity – which means the oil is spoiled.  Most oils that are liquid at room temperature spoil very fast (within days).   Vegetable oils, which for the most part are poly-unsaturated oils, are often rancid by the time you bring them home from the store.  Rancid oils are highly toxic.  This is one of the reasons why flour is bleached.  Back in the good old days, wheat was ground into flour, made into bread and sold all within a day or so because the oil in it spoiled within a few days and then tastes, well rancid!  Today, most oil from wheat germ has been removed from bread and what is left is deodorized.  We end up with a product that can sit on the store shelf for weeks instead of days. (MORE PROFITABLE)  Most vegetable oils are spoiled by the time you purchase them, however, deodorizing processes keep you from knowing it.  Saturated and mono-unsaturated fats (animal fats, butter, coconut oil, palm oils and olive oil) do not spoil easily and should not be avoided despite propaganda to the contrary.

3) Hydrogenation-Hydrogenation is used to turn liquid oil into a sold.  Hydrogenated or trans-fats are a disaster on many levels and should not be consumed…at all! 

Margarine is a good example of a hydrogenated oil (butter good-margarine bad). Other Hydrogenated oils (trans-fats) can be found in many processed food and fried foods.  Look on the labels for hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fat.   New York City has banned trans-fat in restaurant food, and Wal-Mart has pledged to eliminate foods with trans-fat from their shelves by 2015.

The good news is that when you eliminate processed foods from your diet, you eliminate most of the toxic oils/fats.  So eat good fat and live healthy and happy!

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